Getting started

Successful business endeavors are dependent upon successful communities. YellowPark Garden recognizes the confluence of economic and social development interests, and therefore is engaged in a variety of not-for-profit and philanthropic endeavors in addition to our capitalistic endeavors. We view all of these efforts as interrelated, and see our work with charities, NGO’s and government agencies as both the cause and effect of our work with for-profit entities. We’ll use this space to comment on trends we observe, ideas we’ve heard about, and our projects in the Garden.

Successful people are happy people. Therefore, we’ll also comment on health & fitness, spirituality, the arts, travel and (wow) even fun stuff from time-to-time.

P.S., in case you’re wondering, the YellowPark Garden brand name is derived from the convergence of the Yellowstone River (essentially a big, relatively lifeless hot geothermal spring) and the Gardner River (essentially a big, relatively lifeless cold mountain spring) near Park Street in Gardiner, Montana. This convergence is a world-class trout pool, and folks fly from all over to fish there.

About Denis

Business Leader, Consultant & Social Entrepreneur. Proven senior executive leader with deep experience guiding companies throughout various lifecycle phases including start-up, rapid growth and maturity. Principal of YellowPark Garden, providing executive leadership expertise and assistance in economic and societal development initiatives.
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