Why Bother With Fitness? To Be a More Effective Leader

You cannot live a day of your life in America without being bombarded by articles, “studies,” podcasts, commercials and other media vehicles either extolling you to get in shape, lose weight, try this diet or that one, take this supplement, get on this exercise regimen, etc., or blasting you with warnings about the newly-discovered dire consequences of behavioral choices relating to your health (don’t eat this, don’t take that, don’t perform the exercise this way) . . . it goes on and on.

Given all of this noise, it’s not hard to see why America struggles so much with obesity and related maladies (which, but the way, seem to be spreading to the rest of the world). Heck, even though we have all received a lifetime of conditioning that we must all be thin and eat healthy, simply ignoring our health and fitness (not trying) seems rational in response to the overwhelming amount of commercially-driven, often suspect, contradictory or downright wrong information we receive on the subject every day. On top of all that, we’re busy, got stuff to do, not enough time to breathe, gas prices are high, gyms are expensive & full of annoying people, etc. (queue the sound of the excuse dump truck backing up).

That is indeed a shame. While it is probably true that no one really knows what you should & shouldn’t eat, how much exercise you should & shouldn’t get, and whether & for how long diet and exercise will prolong your life, I doubt that anyone would disagree that we should all want more of the “healthiness” commodity. Why? Well, aside from the medical benefits, whether real or imagined, there are plenty of career-related reasons for you to care about your health & fitness:

  • Fitness breeds self-confidence, the foundation of success.
  • Fitness demands discipline and perseverance, without which no one can succeed.
  • Fitness builds mental and physical strength, which enable us to face up to problems, counteract stress and fight through the low periods.

Doing our best for our organizations, our constituents, and our families day in and day out is tough in our world. While we don’t always make the right decisions (or succeed even when we do), as leaders, every day we have to be the models of confidence, discipline, perseverance and strength. Our bodies are the platform upon which we build our success – if for no other reason, eat right, hit the gym, and live well to enable your success, however you choose to define that notion.

Coming soon: practical tips on diet & exercise that work for busy professionals. Thanks for reading & stay tuned!

About Denis

Business Leader, Consultant & Social Entrepreneur. Proven senior executive leader with deep experience guiding companies throughout various lifecycle phases including start-up, rapid growth and maturity. Principal of YellowPark Garden, providing executive leadership expertise and assistance in economic and societal development initiatives.
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1 Response to Why Bother With Fitness? To Be a More Effective Leader

  1. wartica says:

    I totally agree, Dennis:fitness – on all levels – is something I do everyday. I couldn’t imagine letting my health go to the back-burner of priorities! Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

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